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Cocoa powder - Effects (CocoHeal)

N-phenylpropenoyl-L-amino acids amides (CocoHeal): scientists at the university of M├╝nster isolated and characterized this substance. It makes the so-called keranocytes grow. In the future, it is supposed to be possible to use these skin regenerative and wound healing features for therapeutic purposes. Potential applications are the prevention of sore sections of skin for bedridden patient, the treatment of sunburns or the use as an anti-aging skincare. On top of that, CocoHeal prevents the bacterium Heliobacter pylori from attacking to the stomach tissue. The bacteria can lead to stomach ulcers.

The HINTZ cocoa contains many ingredients whose positive impact on the human organism has been provided in a lot of studies. Theobromine has a diuretic, vasodilative as well as a heart-stimulative effect and relaxes the smooth muscles. As a stimulating substance it is often mistaken for coffeine; however, it has very distinct effects on the organism as it works mildly and stimulating but also mood-lifting.